Thursday, January 16, 2014

Factors Business Owners Should Consider to Protect their Tulsa Signs

Businesses use signs to attract customers. They may use different types of signs–LED, custom channel letters, pole and neon being some of the most popular choices–but they all serve the same purpose. These signs tell customers that a certain business with these types of services exists.
There are, however, people that deem neon lights as too distracting or harmful. For this matter, Jan Fletcher wrote an Intuit article that discloses some pointers business owners should consider before installing their Tulsa signs.

Do Your Homework

Businesses will definitely receive the ire of the locals and the city government if the sign they wanted installed is deemed inappropriate. The city of Tulsa's Title 42, a 247-page document that covers zoning and property restrictions, also discusses limitations on commercial signs, so it pays to read the document carefully about provisions that will predominantly concern them.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spreading the Love Through Good Signs by Trusted Tulsa Sign Companies

The creative usage of their business signs gives a business owner with a golden heart an innovative way to use his or her custom Tulsa sign to spread goodwill and happiness as 2013 gives way to 2014. Newer signs can display encouraging messages in a more appealing and eye-catching manner.

A sign is meant to be eye-catching. The various signs made for businesses are specifically crafted so that people will be compelled to look at the sign. Various improvements such as neon and LED lights have been introduced to make people stop, look, and be inspired.

Using these same signs to deliver a seasonal, heart-warming message is an effective way to make passersby and potential clients see the businesses owning these signs in a new light. These signs can be used not only to inform people of new products and potential sales but to inspire them, as well.