Saturday, August 23, 2014

Eye-Catching Tulsa Signs are Only as Good as the Catchy Store Name

Trust sign companies to make the most eye-catching Tulsa signs you'll ever need. Still, you need to remember that a sign is only as good as its name. In Shakespeare’s immortal Romeo and Juliet, Juliet once asked what's in a name only to immediately say that is a meaningless convention. However, this reasoning falls within the conundrums of romance. For a business, a name means everything; it carries its identity, principles, visions, and products in one package. Just the sight of the store's name in downtown Tulsa already determines a business's reputation. Among business nomenclature's success stories include 7-Eleven, the convenience store giant. In the mid-1940s, the store only operated from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., hence the name. Less than two decades later, when students from a football game flooded a branch in Austin, TX, 7-Eleven began operating 24/7 but kept its name since it has stuck for many.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tulsa Sign Companies Helping Express the Accolades You're Famous For

LED welcome signs are less common, but they can fit more messages than static signs. You may think only booming municipalities can afford these signs, but small towns like Blacksburg, SC and Castle Rock, CO welcome visitors with striking marquees. In case of emergencies, LED signs can deliver advisories in a flash. Businesses can also learn from Oklahoma's proud towns. If they just received ISO certification, for example, they have the right to let their clients know that their business practices are world-class. They can add the ISO logo to their signage or flash the good news on the LED screen. Whatever your accomplishment, Tulsa sign businesses can make them readable to everyone.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Remember: Tiny Errors when Designing Tulsa Signs have a Huge Impact

The same debacle can happen when Oklahoma businesses haphazardly redesign their Tulsa signs to give their businesses a new image, which is why they’re better off relying on experts like Crown Neon Signs for their branding needs. In addition to their skills and experience in visual design, reputable sign companies can also recommend the most suitable sign type that a particular business should employ in order to entice new customers, all the while keeping their original business image intact. For instance, channel letter signs are excellent for brand awareness because they’re larger than other signs. They also tend to attract more attention even when placed on a busy street, especially if the letters were illuminated using neon or LEDs. Directly-mounted channel letters, in particular, are clean-looking and give off an air of authority unlike other types of signs, although they require more work when it comes to installation and maintenance.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Work Closely with Tulsa Sign Companies to Get Your LED Signage Right

The issue about LED brightness can be addressed through a combination of collimation (i.e. light rays are produced so that they run parallel to, rather than intersect, each other) and light filters. A brand-new LED design that incorporates these two elements is currently being tested in Taiwan and Mexico, according to The Optical Society. Alternatively, LED sign companies in Tulsa, OK, can tinker with their signs’ phosphor efficiency (which is directly related to brightness, although it mainly applies to white LEDs) and light extraction efficiency (which determines if the LED is more suitable for utility or cosmetic purposes). Through this, as well as their clients’ insights, sign companies can be counted on to produce attention-grabbing LED signs that can boost business in much the way online marketing does.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Liquid Fire: the History behind the Neon that Lights up Tulsa Signs

Working on the principles left behind by his predecessors, French inventor Georges Claude was finally able to create the first true neon light in 1910. His invention was essentially the first neon sign in history, which was introduced at the Paris Expo in December of the same year. It was a device that consisted of two 38-foot long tubes, which illuminated a wide area with its bright light. This characteristic of neon lighting later inspired the term “liquid fire.”

Two years later, Claude was already selling his invention to patrons; the first one being a sign sold to a Parisian barber shop owner. By 1915, Claude’s invention reached American shores with Earle C. Anthony purchasing the lighting novelty for his Packard automobile dealership. Since then, neon signs have been illuminating the advertising landscape with their flashing images and signs in Tulsa, OK, as well as in other metropolitan cities all over the world.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

True Nostalgia from Tulsa Sign Makers: L.A.’s Classic Neon Sign Glory

Before local Tulsa sign companies like Crown Neon Signs (as well as others all throughout the nation) became the trend for advertising signage, numerous American cities have been illuminated by neon signs dating as far back as the Roaring Twenties.  Major cities come into full play when neon signs pop into mind—Las Vegas, New York, Atlantic City—but there’s one city that deserves to be in the conversation.
Writing about her experiences in BBC Travel, journalist Bridget Gleeson said that she’s grateful that “an electric glow still illuminates countless vintage landmarks in Los Angeles’ urban landscape—from decorative antique theaters and old-fashioned apartment buildings to traditional mom-and-pop delicatessens and gloriously seedy cocktail bars;” much of which she attributes to a group of individuals aiming to preserve the city’s bright neon history.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sign Talk: Keeping Timeless Tulsa Signs Working Despite the Changes

Neon signs are definitely a throwback to the old days before the coming of LED and digital signs. Many establishments, including restaurants, bars, and such inviting places in Tulsa, OK still make use of neon signs, especially for indoor use, because of the nostalgia they evoke. Neon signs have a charm or their own, and are generally more economical for smaller applications compared to LED signs.

Additionally, as the Cavis Grill sign has proven, neon signs can be highly durable and long lasting. At some point in time, those nostalgic neon signs in Tulsa will burn out; but repairs can be done. Here are some common problems plaguing neon signs and how they can be fixed.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Tulsa Sign Companies: Complying with City Regulations on LED Signs

In an effort to improve disaster readiness, officials of Huntsville, AL has placed LED signs near schools, where they can flash public advisories during emergencies. According to a report in, if there is no emergency, the schools can use the signs for campus announcements and the like.

It is no wonder, then, that outdoor signs continue to be a powerful tool in advertising a business. In Tulsa, OK, the use of outdoor advertising signs is just as restricted by local ordinances as in Huntsville. These rules, however, should not deter businesses from reaping the benefits of these advertising tools.

Instead, business owners should work closely with expert Tulsa sign companies like Crown Neon Signs, to come up with quality LED signs which conform to city regulations found in Section 1221 of Tulsa's zoning code. The salient details of these ordinances are summarized below.

Monday, April 28, 2014

How Long Do Tulsa Signs Really Last? Neon Signs May Be Here to Stay

Most business owners consider durability as among the most important properties of products that they consider company assets. Durability translates to savings as the need for repair or replacement is reduced. If you have a business in any bright cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma, choosing to light your business using neon signs is a cost-effective idea. These highly durable Tulsa signs can last up to five times longer than the average fluorescent light.

Additionally, using neon signs in Tulsa, OK is a great way to save on utility costs. This type of signage works by exciting gases to produce photons through a minimal amount of electricity. It helps even more if you choose to get your neon signs from reputable suppliers like Crown Neon Signs. If you're not ready to put up and maintain huge, sophisticated LED signs, installing neon signs to call attention to your business is an effective and cost-efficient stepping stone.

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Ultimate Signage: Tulsa Sign Companies’ LED Signs Top Them All

For example, if the information you wish to convey cannot all fit in one signage, LED technology allows you to present all these vital info in several slides. Trusted Tulsa sign companies like Crown Neon Signs are now offering this type of sign.

Incorporating the latest technology, such as LED, into traditional marketing, is a plus for small companies for a number of reasons. One of LED signs’ biggest advantages is that it eliminates the need to print and install new signs to advertise the latest offerings of a business. LED displays can show updates about the business, similar to how television programming works.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Noventri Offers New Web-Based Interface for Digital Signs in Tulsa

If business owners do not have the technical proficiency critical to managing the task well, they can seek the help of trusted designers of digital signs in Tulsa, such as Crown Neon Signs. The training and experience that such professionals have will ensure that businesses will be able to harness the functionality of the system.

In addition, Tulsa signs companies like Crown Neon Signs stay on top of the latest trends in the industry. Their staff, too, have diverse skill sets to guide businesses toward enjoying the best of what custom and digital signs can offer.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

FHWA Study: Products of Sign Companies in Tulsa, OK Don't Risk Safety

As such, businesses that patronize the digital products of Tulsa sign companies do not have to worry about limitations in using the advertising platform. As the ISA intends to advance the position promoted by the federal government’s research, entrepreneurs can look forward to more favorable legislative action that can contribute to the success of their marketing efforts.

When these businesses commission trusted sign designers such as Crown Neon Signs, they can further ensure the safety of their advertising materials. These companies have the training and experience critical to installing all manner of signs properly, and keeping them at positions that will not be detrimental to passersby.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why Choose Quality Neon Signs in Tulsa for business Establishments?

One of the main things that makes neon signage appealing to some people is the fact that it's easily customizable. You can practically turn it into whichever shape you want, as long as the glass tubes that the neon is placed on can handle it. This sparks the creativity of many, turning their neon signs into an artistic show of text fonts, images, and other sorts of design.

In conclusion, having neon signs in Tulsa, OK can really liven up your place of business and give it that nice, “we're over here" spark that could be seen from afar at night. So think about it, is putting up neon signs the best step for you? That is the question.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Hire Tulsa Sign Companies to Make First Impressions for your Business

First impressions last, so what do you think having an overtly cheap, low-quality sign post outside your place of business could say about the products or services that you offer? Sure, established Tulsa sign firms like Crown Neon Signs will be able to offer you an affordable rate, but you should make sure that you invest in high-quality materials, which are worth every penny you spend.

You don't have to turn to advanced marketing tools and techniques to jumpstart your brand marketing; you can begin right away by investing in a sign that counts. Keep it simple but catchy enough to reel in your prospective customers.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Different Advertising Colors Used in Tulsa Signs and Their Messages

Some advertising professionals, as well as some sign makers, know that colors in Tulsa signs can convey a certain message. Essentially, the kind of colors they use will depend on the kind of message they want to convey to an audience.

All Tulsa signs like those made by Crown Neon Signs have different colors to use. Among the most popular ones are blue, green, red, and yellow. Given that each color conveys a certain message or two, they can help decide which one is most suitable to apply on company signs or other large-sized print media.

Among other things, blue represents clarity, productivity, reliability, and stability. Brands such as American Express, Dell, Ford, Oreo, and Twitter have blue-themed logos. Probably a reason for blue giving the impression of productivity and stability is that ancient people believed the blue sky was home to powerful gods.

Green, the color of nature, conveys a sense of balance, harmony, and tranquility. Among the brands with green logos are Animal Planet, Holiday Inn, Starbucks, and Tropicana. A shade of bright green is a symbol of environmental awareness used by cause-oriented groups. Holidays like Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day also use green.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Three Vital Qualities of Channel Letters Made by Tulsa Sign Companies

 Many Tulsa sign companies can create these channel letter signs. However, only a handful can create channel letters that have the following important qualities:

Brand Recognition
Aside from selling their wares, virtually every business wants to promote their brand in some way. Channel signs are one way to “implant” brands on their customers’ minds. They reinforce the brand and help businesses to stand out from their competitors, especially when using customized letters and logos.

High Visibility
Channel letters are still in demand due to their visibility even from a distance. Channel letter signs immediately tell customers from afar that they have a ready place to go, especially for those who want something quick. Additionally, those that light up at night can give an upscale appearance, be it a motel to check in for the night or a place to grab a quick bite.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Factors Business Owners Should Consider to Protect their Tulsa Signs

Businesses use signs to attract customers. They may use different types of signs–LED, custom channel letters, pole and neon being some of the most popular choices–but they all serve the same purpose. These signs tell customers that a certain business with these types of services exists.
There are, however, people that deem neon lights as too distracting or harmful. For this matter, Jan Fletcher wrote an Intuit article that discloses some pointers business owners should consider before installing their Tulsa signs.

Do Your Homework

Businesses will definitely receive the ire of the locals and the city government if the sign they wanted installed is deemed inappropriate. The city of Tulsa's Title 42, a 247-page document that covers zoning and property restrictions, also discusses limitations on commercial signs, so it pays to read the document carefully about provisions that will predominantly concern them.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spreading the Love Through Good Signs by Trusted Tulsa Sign Companies

The creative usage of their business signs gives a business owner with a golden heart an innovative way to use his or her custom Tulsa sign to spread goodwill and happiness as 2013 gives way to 2014. Newer signs can display encouraging messages in a more appealing and eye-catching manner.

A sign is meant to be eye-catching. The various signs made for businesses are specifically crafted so that people will be compelled to look at the sign. Various improvements such as neon and LED lights have been introduced to make people stop, look, and be inspired.

Using these same signs to deliver a seasonal, heart-warming message is an effective way to make passersby and potential clients see the businesses owning these signs in a new light. These signs can be used not only to inform people of new products and potential sales but to inspire them, as well.